VVM is proud to offer our label services clients access to major retail and digital distribution thru our partners at Universal Music Group and Street Level. Digitally, we have successfully placed our clients projects on the all genre front page of iTunes and have secured countless marketing features with all online music platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, GooglePlay, AmazonMP3 and every other major digital music retailer. On the retail side, we have placed product on the shelves of every major retail outlet including Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, FYE, Hastings and Sam Goody. We have created and implemented successful national and region product launches and secured end cap space in every genre across all retailers.



Successful artist careers do not happen overnight or by themselves. They require the guidance of someone who has the relationships and work ethic to create opportunity. That is the job of an artist manager. At VVM, we partner our clients with successful artist managers who have made their careers by creating and overseeing growth opportunities for the artists they represent. Our artist managers have excelled in the areas of touring, endorsements, branding, marketing, strategic partnerships, feature showcases and brand identity and awareness.



Making noise in an empty room is pointless and completely non-productive. VVM knows¬†publicity is a key component to any artists beginning, growing and/or established career. As an artist you are a brand and you must bring mass awareness to your brand in order for it to grow and be successful. VVM’s publicity partners have guided the success of some of he most successful artists in music history including Ozzy Osborne, Aerosmith, Heart, Andy Grammer, Billy Idol, Deadmou5, Korn, Slash, Steve Aoki, The Telluride Music Festival, The Who and many, many more.